Quality Starts in the Field

Clutch Hemp Holdings and Palisade Farms have created a long-term, strategic partnership to ensure farmers have access to genetically superior and reproducible clones that produce high CBD levels and low THC.

Our state-of-the-art 100,000-square-foot hemp greenhouse operation is managed by an expert team with over 30 years of greenhouse and agricultural experience. Our high-capacity hemp drying facility is capable of preserving the quality and potency of biomass once harvested.

  • Hemp greenhouse facility with advanced lighting, irrigation and temperature/humidity control
  • Specialty harvesting equipment designed specifically for hemp
  • Two-stage, high-capacity hemp drying system capable of reducing moisture levels to below 10%

Reliably Better Results

To produce the high-quality, consistent product that commercial buyers expect, Clutch Hemp and Palisade Farms produce superior clones, and then work with farmers who are experienced in the region at farming hemp to a higher standard.

Traceability Throughout the Supply Chain

Clutch Hemp and Palisade Farms are committed to maintaining and providing traceability at each step of the CBD supply chain. Our database allows us to track the entire process from plant to farm to harvest to CBD oil extraction.

We can provide data regarding:

  • Hemp plant strain/genetics
  • Farm location and registration information
  • Farming protocols
  • Harvesting and drying methodology
  • CBD extraction methodology at each processing stage
  • Independent test results at each processing stage

Read more about our extraction/toll processing services and our CBD bulk oil.

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